Emergency Procedure - Hazardous Materials

If you cause or witness a hazardous material spill always keep your own personal safety and the safety of others as your highest priority. When in doubt, call 911. If you can do so safely, evaluate the nature of the release including material type, quantity and specific location of the spill. NEVER attempt to clean-up a spill yourself if:

  • You don’t know what the spilled material is
  • You lack the necessary protection or equipment to do the job safely
  • The spill is too large to contain
  • The spilled material is highly toxic
  • You feel any symptoms of exposure

If you suspect or witness a release of a hazardous material into water, storm drain, or ground always call 911.

Large Spill Procedure:

Alert others in the immediate area and evacuate the spill area.

  1. Call 911.
  2. Provide the dispatcher information on the material type, quantity and specific location of the spill.
  3. Stay in a safe location to provide information to first responders.

Small Spill - with resources, training and supplies available for clean up:

  1. Evacuate, isolate and deny entry to the spill area. Post signs as necessary.
  2. Follow spill response clean-up procedures according to your training and as directed by your supervisor.
  3. Notify EH&S (459-2553) that the spill occurred and arrange to have the waste materials properly disposed.

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