Business Continuity Planning

New UC Ready Users

If you are a new Business Continuity Coordinator and need a user account established, contact Stephan Edgar,, to request access to UC Ready.  

Existing UC Ready Users

Once you have a UC Ready account, visit the login page at Login using your UCSC Gold identification and password. This URL cannot be bookmarked, so it may be helpful to bookmark this page to keep the link handy.

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Business Continuity Planning provides strategy and protocols for responding to and recovering from impacts related to disasters, both large and small. Your plan will define recovery objectives and targets for essential operational functions. 

Steps for Completing a UC Ready Business Continuity Plan

  • Delegate a primary and secondary Business Continuity Coordinator (BCC)
  • BCCs request access to UC Ready (see above)
  • Temporary:  Review the UCReady Level 1 and Level 2 Powerpoints*
  • After training, receive the UC Ready User Manual
  • Consider forming a Business Continuity ad-hoc committee to facilitate collaborative continuity planning
  • Share your plan with the campus Business Continuity Planner
  • Drill and exercise your continuity plan. The Mission Continuity Office can assist with planning and facilitating emergency and continuity drills. 

*Continuity Training

The Mission Continuity Office is currently developing an online eLearning course about Business Continuity Planning.  This course will include all of the content formerly associated with UCReady Level 1 and 2, but in a cohesive and interactive learning experience.  In the meantime, revisions have been made to the UCReady Level 1 and Level 2 powerpoint presentations and are provided below for your reference.  When this training is completed, these presentations will be replaced.

Interim Training Materials

Continuity Workshops

Every other Thursday in 2023, the campus Business Continuity Planner hosts a virtual workshop that is intended to support department Business Continuity Coordinators with developing their business continuity plans.  A schedule for the upcoming workshops is provided below for reference.  These workshops provide an opportunity to receive feedback and guidance when planning for, developing, and implementing your Business Continuity Plans.

Add the 2023 Continuity Workshops to your Google Calendar using the button below.

 Questions? Please contact:

Stephan Edgar
(831) 459-3828