Emergency Procedure - Earthquake




If You Are Inside a Building:

  1. Duck under the nearest sturdy object and hold onto it until the shaking stops. If you are not near a sturdy object, make yourself as small as possible and cover your head and neck.
  2. If you stand in a doorway, brace yourself against the frame and watch out for a swinging door or other people.
  3. Avoid windows, filing cabinets, bookcases and other heavy objects that could fall or shatter.
  4. Stay under cover until the shaking stops, and then leave the building.
  5. If it is safe to do so, stabilize any laboratory procedure that could lead to further damage, such as turning off burners or electrical equipment.
  6. Evacuate the building if told to do so by building staff or emergency responders.

If You Are Outside a Building:

  1. Move away from trees, signs, buildings, electrical poles and wires.
  2. Protect your head with your arms from falling bricks, glass, plaster or other debris.
  3. Move away from fire and smoke.
  4. Proceed to your designated evacuation meeting point if safe to do so.
  5. Stay alert for further instructions.

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