Emergency Procedure - Explosion/Bomb Threat

A suspicious-looking box, package, object or container in or near your work area may be a bomb or explosive material. Do not handle or touch the object. Move to a safe area and call 911 immediately. Use a telephone in a safe area. Do not operate any power switch and do not activate the fire alarm.

If There Is an Explosion:

  1. Take cover under sturdy furniture, or leave the building if directed to do so by emergency responders.
  2. Stay away from windows.
  3. Do not light matches.
  4. Move well away from the site of the hazard to a safe location.
  5. Use stairs only; do not use elevators.

If You Receive A Bomb Threat:

  1. Stay calm and try to keep your voice calm.
  2. Pay close attention to details. Talk to the caller to obtain as much information as possible.
  3. Take notes. Ask questions:

Call 911 and submit your notes from the telephone call or the bomb threat letter or note to University Police. Follow any instructions the Police give you.

If you are told by emergency responders to evacuate the building, follow the evacuation toped above with the following additional steps:

  1. Check your work area for unfamiliar items. Do not touch suspicious items; report them to campus authorities.
  2. Take personal belongings when you leave.
  3. Leave doors and windows open; do not turn light switches on or off.
  4. Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
  5. Move well away from the building and follow instructions of emergency responders.

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