Instructions for Starting your Continuity Plan in UCReady

How to start a plan:

Before starting your plan, we recommend contacting Business Continuity Planner Lisa Ehret at 459-3828 or She can help walk you through the process any answer any questions you may have. Once you are ready to login to the UCReady Continuity Planning Tool, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the UCReady URL at  
  2. Use the drop down menu to select University of California, Santa Cruz.
  3. Enter your Gold Cruz ID and password. 
  4. Select the Plans tab to locate and open your plan.
  5. See the UC Ready User Manual for further instructions.  

Congratulations!  You've successfully started a plan and should now navigate through each of the planning tabs that are displayed at the top of the page.  Don't agonize over any questions you can't answer; make note of them and move on.  Consult with the Business Continuity Planner for assistance.

Do the best you can to address your department's critical functions and the key resources necessary to perform them; build a credible list of action items.  You can mark your plan "Complete" when you feel you have made your best effort at addressing each pertinent step in UCReady, knowing that you will be required to review your plan at least annually, and can make edits to it at any time. 

Good luck and happy planning!