Continuity Education and Awareness

Why do we engage in Continuity Planning?

We continuously face different types and sizes of emergencies that interrupt our normal business operations.  Emergencies can vary from earthquakes to fires to power outages to flooding, or a pandemic. They can also be more localized events, like a fallen tree or mud slide, a campus demonstration activity prohibiting us from accessing a road or building.  Even the failure of a hard drive, which keeps one employee from doing their work, can affect many who rely on the continuance of the processes performed by that employee.

Your unit plays a unique and essential role in sustaining the University of California’s mission of teaching, research and public service. Departments around campus depend and rely on your continued service and functionality in order to be successful and efficient.

The following resources help explain why Business Continuity Planning is so critical to ensuring the mission of UC Santa Cruz and the University of California System as a whole.