Ready Slug Videos

The Ready Slug videos discuss a variety of safety and emergency preparedness topics for students, faculty and staff at UCSC. Videos are divided into four series which focus on different aspects of campus life and operations, however all videos contain valuable information. 

  • Working Slugs - faculty and staff
  • Campus Slugs - campus life, including on-campus residents
  • City Slugs - student off-campus residents
  • Slugs in Motion - pedestrian, bicyclist and motorist safety on campus

Each video is linked directly below - click on the thumbnail image or title to launch that video in YouTube.

Important Note: As of September 12, 2014, the Ready Slug videos have been migrated to the new OES YouTube Channel from the former Fire Department YouTube Channel (which is being deactivated). As a result, links have changed and if you have had any videos bookmarked, you will need to update the links. 

    Santa Cruz Water Safety

  • Video thumbnail image showing turbulent water splashing around the camera

    Water Safety - The Toilet Bowl

    The Toilet Bowl is a small, narrow cove next to Santa Cruz's famous Steamer Lane surf spot. It's also one of the most dangerous places to swim in California. Four people have died in the cove in the last five years. In this short educational documentary, learn about the cove and why Santa Cruz lifeguards warn against entering it on even the calmest of days.

  • Working Slugs Series

  • Faculty/staff responsibilities video thumbnail

    Faculty/Staff Emergency Responsibilities

    Faculty and staff have responsibility for their own safety as well as for the safety of students under their care. Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Richard Hughey discusses these responsibility and how to be a Ready Slug while working for the campus.

  • Campus Slugs Series

  • Mental health video thumbnail

    Mental Health Awareness

    See Something, Say Something, Do Something. A Ready Slug stays aware of their own mental health and those around them. There are many resources to assist the campus community. Don't be afraid to approach someone you feel may needs a friend.
  • Suspicious activity video thumbnail

    Suspicious Activity - See Something, Say Something, Do Something

    When a Ready Slug sees something out of the ordinary and of concern, they say something and do something. Reporting suspicious activity not only allows emergency personnel to respond to the situation, it demonstrates that we care for one another. It also allows the campus to ensure the safety of others via the CruzAlert system.
  • On-campus medical video thumbnail

    How to Handle an On-Campus Medical Emergency

    Medical incidents are one of the most common types of emergencies that a student may need to deal with on campus. A Ready Slug knows how to request help and deal with the situation. This video – combined with first aid, CPR and AED training - can help you be more prepared to deal with these situations.
  • Flu prevention video thumbnail

    Flu Season Prevention

    Staying healthy on a university campus can sometimes be a challenge. During flu season, it is especially important to take extra steps to prevent the spread of disease. A Ready Slug knows how important it is to follow these basic steps to keep the flu at bay.
  • Sprinkler video thumbnail

    Sprinkler Systems Keeping you Safe

    Sprinkler systems provide valuable protection to campus buildings, but careless actions can lead to damage to sprinkler heads or prevent them from working properly. A Ready Slug never uses sprinkler heads to hang items such as clothes or decorations. Doing so can result in significant water damage and make residential spaces unlivable.
  • Evacuation video thumbnail


    What do you do when the fire alarm sounds? If you’re a Ready Slug, you evacuate. Failing to leave when the fire alarm sounds not only places you – and emergency responders – at risk, it also puts you at risk for student judicial action and possible loss of on-campus housing privileges.
  • Cooking video thumbail

    Cooking on Campus

    Ready Slugs love to cook, but also love to cook safely. Learning to cook in a campus environment can be a challenge and can also be a hazard if not done properly. UCSC firefighters offer tips on how to cook safely and make a delicious meal – not a fire hazard.
  • Theft video thumbnail

    Lock Up to Avoid Opportunity Theft

    Opportunity theft is the most common crime that occurs on campus. By taking a few simple steps, a Ready Slug can ensure that their laptop, phone and other personal belongings are safe and secure.
  • Weapons on campus video thumbnail

    Weapons on Campus

    It seems simple on the surface, but understanding what is and what isn’t considered a weapon is something every Ready Slug should know. The UCSC Police offer guidance on what the law and UC policy allow – and don’t allow – on campus.

  • City Slugs Series

  • Preparedness video thumbnail

    Preparing for an Emergency

    All emergency response starts with being personally prepared to deal with the emergency. A Ready Slug knows how to make sure they are prepared, with a plan for their residence and some basic supplies to see them through the emergency situation.

  • Emergency supplies video thumbnail

    Emergency Supplies

    An emergency can occur at any time, and a Ready Slug needs to be prepared to deal with the impacts of the situation. Developing a go kit with some basic emergency preparedness supplies can help you to get through the emergency and ensure that your basic needs are met.
  • Off-campus fires video thumbnail

    Common Causes of Off-Campus Fires

    Fires in off-campus residences are the leading cause of student death nationally. Being fire safe is a critical part of being a Ready Slug. Know the common causes of residential fires and know how to prevent them from starting.
  • Smoke detector video thumbnail

    Smoke Detector Maintenance

    Do you have working smoke detectors in your home? If you’re a Ready Slug, you do! Watch as the UCSC Fire Department discusses the proper testing and maintenance of these life-saving devices and make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order.
  • Medical video thumbnail

    How to Handle an Off-Campus Medical Emergency

    Medical incidents are one of the most common types of emergencies that a student may need to deal with in off-campus housing. A Ready Slug knows how to request help and deal with the situation. This video – combined with first aid, CPR and AED training - can help you be more prepared to deal with these situations.
  • Smoking video thumbnail

    Smoking Safely

    If you must smoke, make sure you do it safely. Smoking near upholstered furniture and beds – especially when tired or intoxicated – can lead to tragedy. A Ready Slug knows that if they must smoke, they should do so in a safe, outdoor area free of fire hazards. And remember: smoking is not allowed on campus!
  • Landlord video thumbnail

    What Is Your Landlord Responsible For?

    Did you know that your landlord is responsible for certain basic fire safety precautions in your rental house or apartment? Learn from the Santa Cruz Fire Department what is required of your landlord and be a Ready Slug who knows your renter’s rights.

  • Slugs in Motion Series

  • Pedestrian/bicyclist video thumbnail

    Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safety

    Ready Slugs don’t crawl around campus – they walk, bike, drive and ride the bus. Given the size and topographic challenges of our campus, this can present hazards. Know how to be a safe pedestrian or bicyclist and keep from getting hurt while getting to class.