Ready Slug Productions Project Team

The UCSC Office of Emergency Services would like to thank the following students, faculty and staff for their assistance in developing the Ready Slug Video series.

    Project Manager

  • Soraya Danesh '13

  • Cinematographers

  • Joe Bourekas '14
    David Murakami '14

  • Editors

  • Shon Bullock '13
    Sam Clevenger '14
    Vanessa Gonzalez '13

  • Cast

  • Richard Hughey, Vice Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Education

    Students (graduation year given if known)

    Giancarlo Arechiga '13
    Chella Ayala-Hogan
    Joe Bourekas '14
    Shon Bullock '13
    Prajan Chauhan '14
    Len Dalit
    Soraya Danesh '13
    Jacob Delgado '13
    Paulina Flores Dias
    Jack Lester '13
    Chelsea Mattiello '12
    David Murakami '14
    Mahsa Olamai '13
    Ahil PonArul '13
    David Silver
    Evelyn Vega

    UCSC Fire Department

    Jeff Trapp - Fire Chief
    Rick Rodewald - Assistant Chief/Campus Fire Marshal
    Rosemary Anderson - Business Continuity Planner
    Tim Batinovich - Fire Captain
    Chris Gaylord - Fire Captain/Campus Emergency Manager
    Andy Emhoff - Fire Engineer
    Sean McKenna - Fire Engineer
    Troy Souza - Fire Engineer
    Johnny Fox - Firefighter
    Jim Fuller - Firefighter
    Brian Thomas - Firefighter/Paramedic

    Santa Cruz Fire Department

    Dave Sasscer - Fire Inspector

    UCSC Police Department

    Nader Oweis - Chief of Police
    Mark Larson - Police Sergeant
    Linda Robinson - Detective
    Tony Contreras - Police Officer
    Brian Hughes - Police Officer

    UCSC Student Health Services

    Emile E. Cate, Ph.D. - Counseling Psychologist/SMHI Grant Coordinator
    Doylene Chan, Ph.D. - Counseling Psychologist/SMHI Grant Specialist
    Beth Hyde - Family Nurse Practitioner/Patient Care Coordinator

  • Special Thanks to the Film and Digital Media Department

  • Larry Andrews, Associate Professor
    Tamra Schmidt, Undergraduate Advisor
    Nicole Rios, Department Assistant