The Fire Danger sign positioned at the main campus entrance.

800 MHz Radio User Resources 

Purpose and Training

The Campus 800 MHz two-way radio system is operated and maintained by Information Technology Services. The system supports both daily campus operations and communication redundancy during emergency or disaster events. 

A Kenwood radio that ties into the campus radio network.
Radio used by campus responders.

Office of Emergency Services in collaboration with Information Technology Services can provide 800 MHz radio training at the request of a Department. The radio training provides an overview of how to utilize the campus 800 MHz radio system for daily operations or emergencies. The training is suitable for everyday radio users or the "occasional" user and will provide basic technology overview, radio functions, proper procedures, and practical applications. To schedule a radio training, please send your request to

Radio Procedures During an Emergency

During critical events, it is essential that identified Emergency Operations Center radio responders follow their Departments' chain of command for reporting incident status and updates. Chain of command triages messaging intended for Incident Command, the Director of the Emergency Operations Center, and the Emergency Operations Center Section Chiefs. It is very important that radio users filter information for the Emergency Operations Center through their respective Units and/or Branches within the Emergency Operations Center Organizational Structure. All communications into the Emergency Operations Center should take place on the "EOC Tac 3" radio channel.

Radio User Manual

The 800 MHz Radio Use and Procedures Manual provides an overview of the following topics:
  • Radio Operations - Basic Operations Guide
  • Radio Messages and Voice Procedures
  • UCSC Radio Channels and Talk Groups
  • Radio Regulations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Operations Center Structure

Monthly Radio Tests

The Office of Emergency Services conducts once monthly radio tests to check communications across the Campus 800 MHz radio users with the Emergency Operations Center. To be included in this radio test group, please send your request to