N95 Respirator Instructions

N95 Respirators by the 3M company

N95 Respirators or 'facemasks' are personal protective equipment (PPE) used for the filtration of airborne particles.  N95s provide a greater degree of protection as compared to standard dust masks.  

The 'N95' designation indicates that the mask has been proven to block at least 95% of 0.3-micron test particles.  However, to accomplish this the wearer must ensure that the mask has a tight fit.  N95s can be used to reduce the intake of particles during a wildland fire air quality incident.

Requesting an N95 Respirator

UCSC maintains a limited supply of N95s for emergency purposes. When requesting an N95 from a Building Emergency Coordinator, you must confirm that you have viewed the N95 training video.   

Direct Link to Online N95 Training (Requires CruzID and Password): UC Learning Center N95 Course

Environmental Health and Safety: Using an N95 Respirator

For Trained N95 Distributors: Download the UCSC N95 Voluntary Use Requirements Form