Ready Slug Video Migration

September 12, 2014

By , Director, Emergency Management 


Ready Slug Productions was a student-led project in 2012 and 2013 to create a series of campus safety videos under the sponsorship of the former UCSC Fire Department, the UCSC Police Department and the Film and Digital Media Department. The project was led by Soraya Danesh (Class of 2013), the Fire Department's 2012 CUIP Intern. Ready Slug videos were shot and edited by a team of film students with UCSC public safety personnel and other staff serving as subject matter experts on a variety of topics relating to campus safety, including responding to medical emergencies, dealing with suspicious activity, preventing crime and fire safety. Student volunteers also served as actors for several of the segments.

With the recent closure of the UCSC Fire Department, the UCSC Office of Emergency Services (OES) is now the steward of these videos. The videos were recently migrated to the new& OES YouTube Channel from the former Fire Department YouTube Channel, which is being deactivated as part of this transition. As a result, links to the individual videos have changed and if you have had any videos bookmarked, you will need to update the links. The Ready Slug Videos page on this site has also been updated with the new video links.

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