Business Continuity Planning

New UC Ready Users

If you are a new Business Continuity Coordinator and need a user account established, contact Lisa Ehret, to request access to UC Ready.  

Existing UC Ready Users

Once you have a UC Ready account, visit the login page at Login using your UCSC Gold identification and password. This URL cannot be bookmarked, so it may be helpful to bookmark this page to keep the link handy.

What is Business Continuity Planning?

Business Continuity Planning helps an organization respond to the impact of an emergency event or unplanned interruption to normal operations, and be able to continue to provide a minimum acceptable level of service during and in the immediate aftermath of such an event.

The UC Ready Enhancement Project Updates

Several changes continue to be made to UC Ready by core team (the core team consists of continuity planners from other UC campuses).

The new software program has been slow to launch due to unforeseen complications with formatting, and report functions in the new tool. Business Continuity Planners systemwide have been working diligently with Fusion (our software developer) to fix these issues and to insure the new tool mirrors all the critical aspects of our diverse campus critical functions and creates a clear pathway for continuity of operations, risk and business impact analysis and recovery.


We continuously face different types and sizes of emergencies that interrupt our normal business operations.  Emergencies can vary from earthquakes to fires to power outages to flooding, or a pandemic. They can also be more localized events, like a fallen tree or mud slide, a campus demonstration activity prohibiting us from accessing a road or building.  Even the failure of a hard drive, which keeps one employee from doing their work, can affect many who rely on the continuance of the processes performed by that employee.

Your unit plays a unique and essential role in sustaining the University of California’s mission of teaching, research and public service. Departments around campus depend and rely on your continued service and functionality in order to be successful and efficient.

What is the UC Ready Enhancement Project?

In early 2014, The UC Ready Enhancement Project was established to improve the functionality of the UC Ready tool. The project’s goal was to identify the key enhancements necessary to continue to grow UC continuity planning efforts. In conjunction with this project, a decision was made to shift the strategic focus of continuity planning from the departmental-level to the campuswide level. The enhanced UC Ready tool will incorporate all of the previous tool's functionality and include key enhancements that enable this important strategic shift to include campus level continuity planning efforts.

Accessing your former UC Ready Plans

Before the converstion to Fusion, departments were asked to run a Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document of their plans. This document will be helpful in re-entering data that may have not been captured in the conversion to the Fusion software. 

Questions? Please contact:

Lisa Ehret
Business Continuity Planner
(831) 459-3828