Hoverboard Policy Article

Chancellors Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Director Medical Center Chief Executive Officers Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources

May 24, 2016

Dear Colleagues:
Please see the attached new University of California policy on hoverboards.
The Hoverboard Policy bans the use, storage or charging of certain hoverboards in buildings and housing units on all UC properties with the exception of private campus housing units co..owned by faculty or staff. The ban does not apply to hoverboards that have been tested and certified by an accredited third party testing laboratory. The ban is necessary due to the special risks of fire in residences, classrooms, and laboratories caused by the types of batteries used by certain hoverboards. This policy was vetted with the President’s Office, Office of General Counsel, Campus Environment, Health, and Safety Directors, UC Fire Marshals, UC Police Chiefs, and the Policy Advisory Committee.
The policy will be published online at http://policy.ucop.edu with an effective date of March 21, 2016.

Yours very truly,
Janet Napolitano