Log of Fires in On-Campus Housing Facilities

The following log of fires in on-campus housing are posted as required by the the Higher Education Opportunity Act. This Log only reflects the fires that have occured for 2017. All previous year's Logs from January 1, 2009 to 2016 are availble within two business days of request for public inspection. 

The current Annual Fire Safety Report (see link at the bottom of this page) provides more detail relating to campus fire safety initiatives, building fire safety systems and campus policies.

Date Reported

Incident #

Nature of Fire

Date and Time


12/16/17 17-1216031154

Electrical Fire


3:00 PM

Cowell College

Cowell College Commons, Outside

8/6/17 17-0806019389



8:00 PM

Oakes College

Harvey Milk House, Outside

6/5/17 17-060301372 Cooking Fire


3:16 PM

Stevenson College

Dorm 7. 2nd Flr

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