CPR and AED Training is the best way to prepare yourself to render aid in the event of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.  This training gives you the ability to respond effectively in an emergency situation and will give you the skills to do so.  

Note:  UC Santa Cruz does not currently offer training through on-campus departments or offices.

Training Details

CPR and AED training include both developing the physical skills to render aid and the knowledge to make appropriate decisions regarding the aid you provide.  Training includes a physical step-by-step on using an AED and CPR simultaneously, and scenarios to practice AED use.  CPR and AED training is provided in alignment with two standards, the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.  

At the end or during the course of the training, you will be assessed regarding your competency to provide aid in an emergency situation.  If you pass all relevant assessments, you will be given an AED/CPR certification that will be valid for two years following your training date.  This certification is often a requirement for jobs or positions where you may be interacting with sensitive populations, including childcare and older adults.  

Training is usually comprised of several core components, including:

  1. Assessing the Situation/Checking Scene Safety
  2. Checking for Victim Responsiveness
  3. Calling for Help/Initiating Medical Response
  4. Performing CPR and Using an AED

Local Training Providers

UC Santa Cruz does not currently provide training opportunities on campus.  This page will be updated if training opportunities become available on campus.

The following local organizations provide certified training: