Emergency Preparedness

Public safety fair at McHenry Library in December 2012

Preparing for an emergency requires making informed decisions. Please review the on this page to help prepare yourself for dealing with emergencies on campus.

Please remember to dial 9-1-1 to report any emergency situation on campus. For more information on campus public safety and emergency response resources, visit our Campus Emergency Response page.

Campus Emergency Procedures

The emergency procedures linked on the left include specific actions to take during different emergencies on campus. In addtion, the Emergency Survival Guide serves as a condensed version of these procedures for the most critical types of incidents which you can print and post in your work area. You can also request bulk copies of this poster through Emergency Management by e-mailing eoc@ucsc.edu or calling (831) 459-2342.

Hazard Resource Pages

Hazard resource pages are intended to be more general sources of information for major emergencies and natural disasters which may impact the campus. These pages are useful both for preparedness and as a source of information during an event such as a major storm.