Department Resiliency Planning

Does your department have a resiliency plan to address hazards, disasters, or critical incidences?  The Office of Emergency Services can help you develop plans for risk assessment, mitigation, mutual aid, emergency management, safety compliance, business continuity management, and employee personal emergency preparedness.   

Department Requirements


Resiliency Roles

By delegating resiliency liaisons, your department is establishing the necessary framework for creating a safer, more sustainable work environment.  These resiliency roles will receive training from the Office of Emergency Services to facilitate department-level risk assessment, emergency response and business continuity. 


Visit the UCSC Learning Center for resiliency training opportunities. At the Learning Center, query the class title to find current dates for available.  

  • Building Emergency Coordinator Training
  • UC Ready Training: Level 1
  • UC Ready Training: Level 2
  • UC Ready and Resumption Annex Workshop
  • Floor Marshal Training
  • Personal Emergency Preparedness Training

Questions? Contact the Office of Emergency Services at (831) 459-3828 or