CruzAlert Emergency Notification System

CruzAlert is UCSC's emergency notification system, which is used to quickly communicate information during emergency situations.

Cell Phone and Text Messaging

Due to the mobile nature of many campus affiliates, cell phones are often the best way to reach the campus population during an emergency. Campus public safety officials will generally send both voice calls and text messages to registered cell phone numbers to ensure delivery and comprehension of the message.

Please note that if you register a cell phone number in a non-cell phone field in the sign-up system (for example, listing your cell phone as your "home phone" number) it will not receive text messages. This is because the CruzAlert system has no way of telling whether a number is a cell phone or not unless it is listed as such. If you have multiple cell phones, we recommend listing the one you carry most frequently on campus in the appropriate cell phone field.

Landline Phones

Landline phones can include campus extensions, home phone numbers or other numbers you can be reached at. Depending on the nature of the emergency, we may use some or all of these contact numbers. For example, an emergency occuring prior to the morning commute time may require contacting home phone numbers to inform you of the situation, while campus extensions may be a better option for emergencies occuring later in the day.


While e-mail is not as immediate a means of communicating during an emergency, we will always send an e-mail notification out as well. The primary reason for doing so is that we can often provide more information in an e-mail than in a phone or text message. Additionally, some campus affiliates may notice an e-mail more quickly than a phone call in certain circumstances.

Your official UCSC e-mail address is the address that will be used for this purpose. While the registration system for faculty and staff does provide an option to register an additional e-mail address, these are only used in rare circumstances.

Other Methods

In addition to the personal contact methods listed above, other means of commucation which may be used during an emergency include the following:

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